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French fans celebrate victory over Nigeria

French fans celebrate victory over Nigeria
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The World Cup has broken many hearts in Europe. Having sent the largest amount of teams to Brazil, less than half remain.

So when France met Nigeria on Monday night, emotions were high in Le Republique pub in Lyon, especially with a half time score of nil-nil.

“It’s very tense. I hope we are going to score very quickly because as a supporter it’s very difficult,” said one fan nervously clenching a French flag.

But it wasn’t long before the supporters prayers were answered. Man of the match Paul Pogba scored the first goal and an own goal from Joseph Yobo sealed their fate.

“It wasn’t simple at the beginning but now it’s fireworks. We’re very happy,” answered one fan. Asked if he was afraid he answered with a giggled ‘No’.

Euronews correspondent Vincent Ménard summed up:

“The training strike four years ago in Knysna and the pitiful elimination after the first round is forgotten. Les Bleus have earned back the unconditionnal support from all their fans by qualifying for the quarterfinals for the sixth time in history. The icing on the cake, the next game will be played in the Maracanã stadium in Rio.