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Sarajevo prepares for WW1 centenary celebrations

Sarajevo prepares for WW1 centenary celebrations
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One hundred years ago this week, the fatal shot that killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand and began the First World War was fired in Sarajevo.

In the Bosnian capital preparations are underway to commemorate the anniversary. A banner on a museum reads ‘this is the street corner that started the twentieth century.’

Though marked by a bloody past, some hope the celebrations could help to change the country’s image.

“We fought three wars at the end of 19th century, two wars in the 20th century, but now we are strategic partners for Europe. So, the message here is about the future, is maybe about also entering EU (European Union) for Bosnia,” explained Joseph Zimet, French director of the European Centennial Project in Sarajevo.

The EU has contributed almost 2 million euros to the centenary celebrations which will include conferences, concerts, poetry readings and plays.