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Libyans vote in general election amidst tensions in country

Libyans vote in general election amidst tensions in country
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Libyans are going to the polls on Wednesday to elect a new parliament in an attempt to end the anarchy and conflict in the country.

Low turnout is expected with fewer than 1.5 million voters having registered in a country with a population of 6 million.

It’s the second election since Gadaffi was overthrown in 2011.

The election was hastily arranged a month ago amid government claims that a renegade retired general was plotting a coup.

There will be a 200 seat parliament with candidates standing as individuals and not as part of any party – in an effort to reduce tensions.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Turkish citizens have been evacuated from Libya back to Istanbul after they and Qatari nationals were given 48 hours to leave the country.

One man who had just arrived back said: “I have been working in Sirte for almost a year. In the last two days, as we heard in the news, we were told to leave the country immediately. Otherwise, they threatened to kill all Turks.”

The same retired general, Halife Hafter, had threatened he could not “be responsible for any backlash” if they stayed. The workers were accused of being spies for their governments.