Schumacher's 'medical records' stolen and offered for sale - claim

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Schumacher's 'medical records' stolen and offered for sale - claim

Schumacher's 'medical records' stolen and offered for sale - claim
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Medical records purporting to belong to Michael Schumacher have been stolen and offered for sale, his manager has claimed.

Sabine Kehm made the accusation one week after the seven-times Formula One champion came out of a coma.

He left hospital in Grenoble and was transferred to a neurological rehabilitation unit at University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV) in western Switzerland.

“For several days stolen documents and data have been offered for sale,” Kehm, managing director of Schumacher’s offices in Geneva, said in a statement.

“The offeror claims them to be the medical files of Michael Schumacher. We cannot judge if these documents are authentic.

“However, the documents are clearly stolen. The theft has been reported. The authorities are involved.”

Criminal charges and damages would be sought against anyone involved in the illegal sale or publication of his confidential records, she said.

Grenoble hospital said in a statement: “Without knowing this document, the hospital has decided to lodge a complaint for theft and breach of medical confidentiality.”

A spokeswoman for Lausanne hospital said she had “no comment” on the case.

The centre treated former Zairean dictator Mobutu Sese Seko for cancer in the mid-1990s and last year its forensic scientists analysed the remains of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat for traces of poison.

Schumacher, the most successful Formula One driver of all time, has had several brain operations since his accident in the resort of Meribel.