Mark Wahlberg jumps onboard 'Transformers' saga

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Mark Wahlberg jumps onboard 'Transformers' saga

Mark Wahlberg jumps onboard 'Transformers' saga
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The Transformers saga is back with the launch of a new trilogy starting with the first installment out this summer.

Action maestro Michael Bay is back in the director’s seat and has enlisted a whole new cast and a brand new species, the Dinobots.

Mark Wahlberg stars in the lead role. “I’ve never done a sequel to any of the movies that I’ve done and this is my first installment in the series. So, still not really a sequel for me. I just thought it was fun to do something different and I really wanted to work with Michael (Bay),” said the Hollywood actor.

A sequel to ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’, the film takes place four years after the invasion of Chicago. Wahlberg plays a mechanic who, along with his daughter, makes a discovery that brings down Autobots and Decepticons – and a paranoid government official – on them.

“I think Mark Wahlberg changed my mind. Working with him on ‘Pain and Gain’ he said ‘I’d love to do a Transformers with you’. And he doesn’t have a franchise. And he’s a great guy to work with. So this was a way to reinvent the whole thing. When you see the movie it really expands the universe,” said the film’s director, Michael Bay.

A fan of indie rock band ‘Imagine Dragons’, Bay asked them to collaborate on the soundtrack for the movie.

“Before the call (from Bay) we were literally like, ‘We don’t have time to do any movie’. We had turned down all these things that we wanted to do just because we weren’t physically able. But, as he was telling it, I had a melody that immediately come to my mind that was inspired just by his storytelling and also thinking of Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky and all they had done and it just came together really quickly and organically,” said the band’s Dan Reynolds.

Described as "the biggest craziest Transformers movie yet", the film is expected to score box office success just like its predecessors, especially in China, the franchise’s second biggest market after North America.

‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ opens worldwide this month.

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