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Libya election to go ahead despite political chaos

Libya election to go ahead despite political chaos
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Libya’s second national election since the ouster of Muammar Gaddafi will go ahead on Wednesday.

That’s despite growing political chaos, organisational troubles and the prospect of a low turnout.

Many diplomats thought the election would take months of preparation, but the election commission decided on a quick vote.

In the eastern city of Benghazi, officials say they are well-prepared.

Dr Jamal Boukran, Head of Election Commission in Benghazi said: “Regarding security, Benghazi has special circumstances and is in a difficult phase.

“But the joint security committee is responsible for securing the process. It’s been working with the Election Commission and even delivered the maps which show the distribution of the polling stations.

“They have promised to secure 182 polling stations as well as the roads and the warehouses.”

Perhaps a big commitment in a country where militias and tribal groups hold sway. In several areas and a renegade general has launched his own campaign against militants in the east.

Mohammed Al-Guarshaa, a Benghazi resident, said: “God willing, this election will go to plan and we expect that after recent events, we will reach the foundation stage and people will start moving forward and the country will calm down, because the people are really tired of what’s going on.”

Legal experts have yet to finish working out a new constitution for the post-Gaddafi political system.

Western diplomats hope the vote will ease tensions, but some fear it could produce another interim assembly.