Farage unveils 'new' group and new name

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Farage unveils 'new' group and new name

Farage unveils 'new' group and new name
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UKIP’s Nigel Farage on Tuesday officially unveiled his new political group in the European Parliament, one week after it was formed.

The former commodities broker admitted there were differences in policy between some of its members, but said his MEPs would have a free vote.

“We agree with the idea of democracy, we disagree with the idea of power being handed over to these European institutions,” said Farage.

“Now there may be some differences in interpretation in terms of environment, we are deeply sceptical about wind energy, because it costs too much money.”

Known as the Europe of Freedom and Democracy group in the last parliament, Farage said would be rebranded as the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy.

Meanwhile, France’s Marine Le Pen of the Front National on Monday failed to form a group with Dutch MP Geert Wilders.

It means the firebrand politician will stay in the Hague and won’t take his seat in the European Parliament.

“Yesterday we had to conclude we didn’t succeed, I regret that, to form an alliance. I believe we will succeed later this year, maybe as early as September. But I am not going to wait for that,” he said.

Wilders said that Janusz Korwin-Mikke’s free market views were too extreme for him to be able to sit with the Polish MEP.

Le Pen had cited him as a potential partner.