World Cup: football fever grips America

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World Cup: football fever grips America

World Cup: football fever grips America
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It’s football fever in America – and it will last for at least a few more days.

Hundreds of US fans gathered in one of Washington’s biggest sports bars to watch Team USA’s second group game against Portugal.

After a big emotional roller-coaster ride, the brave Portuguese stunned the Americans with an equalizer just seconds before the end of overtime: final score 2-2.

In the Redline DC bar, the audience fell into disappointment, even depression.

“I’m shattered, I’m so depressed,” said one Team USA supporter. “We played so well. We held our own against one of the best teams in the world, five seconds. If anyone had told me that before, I would have thought it was a joke. Honestly.”

In a country that has no sizable football tradition – and still calls it ‘soccer’ – the World Cup in Brazil has created an astonishing enthusiasm among sports-loving Americans.

The opening upset US victory against Ghana (2-1) was widely watched on TV screens all across the country.

After the disappointment of the Portugal game, all eyes are now on the final group game against the most feared opponent Germany on Thursday.

“We were down one zip in the beginning, baby,” commented one US fan. “We came back 2-1. I’ll take a tie. Germany, we got you, baby!”

Interestingly, the US team has a German coach who brought in players and assistants from his home country. In case of a draw, both teams advance into the knockout stage.

Euronews Washington correspondent Stefan Grobe reported: “The US is not yet qualified. With a German coach, German players with an American passport and German assistants, it all comes down to the wire. And that is: Germany. Next Thursday.”