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More phonetap revelations shake Polish government

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More phonetap revelations shake Polish government
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The wiretapping scandal that may yet force early elections in Poland took another twist on Monday. Last week Wprost magazine published a bugged conversation between the central bank governor and the interior minister, the former asking the latter to sack the finance minister.

Police controversially raided the magazine’s offices, but as a riposte Monday’s issue featured a bugged conversation between the foreign minister and the former finance minister. No-one knows who ordered the eavesdropping, or who leaked it.

“The government has come under attack from an organised criminal group. We don’t yet know who is behind this, we are not sure about that, but it is being investigated,” said Foreign Minister Radoslav Sikorski.

The foreign minister’s bugged comments may be more damaging, as in explicit language he condemned Polish foreign policy as being subservient to US interests, adding the alliance with Washington was “worthless”.

“There won’t be consequences for ministers whose only error was vulgar language in a confidential discussion. Reacting to that would hollow out all political life not only in Poland but in the whole world,” insisted Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

If nothing else the scandal may have ended the chances of Poland’s foreign minister taking over Catherine Ashton’s job as chief of EU foreign policy.