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Rapper Asher finally returns with 'Retrohash'

Rapper Asher finally returns with 'Retrohash'
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American rapper Asher Roth has finally released his sophomore album five years after his chart-topping debut ‘Asleep in the Bread Aisle’.

Two name changes later, Roth presents his long-awaited follow-up ‘RetroHash’.

After his former record label kept on delaying his next release, Roth decided to go for an independent label. And he believes that was the right decision: “The shelf life of careers on major labels is… you’re treated as disposable and I think that’s been the toughest thing to me. It’s like, ‘where’s the hit? Where’s the single?’ And your whole career rides on that? It just didn’t make sense,” says the young artist.

“I really enjoy cohesive bodies of work, if something stands out, I think joints like ‘Tangerine Girl,’ ‘Fast Life,’ ‘Be Right,’ any of those joints, if pushed appropriately, are totally accessible,” he adds.

‘RetroHash’ features a ten-song track list where Roth tries his hand at various genres including R&B, rap and even some electronica – a lack of unity which has been criticised by some.

But the artist says his goal is to remain true to himself. In the track ‘Fast life’, for example, he urges people to slow down in today's fast-paced world.

“Just kind of challenging myself and just not abusing music. My relationship with it is a real one. I’m emotionally charged from music, I think a lot of us are. And I just didn’t want to really bastardize that relationship and just turn music into something that just made me money or whatever it was,” he says.

The album has been given a mixed reception by music critics. While some say it shows his growth as an artist and it lives up to the hype, others have called it a "confused jumble of ideas that has its heart in the right place" though.

Asher Roth is currently touring North America to promote his album ‘RetroHash’.