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Ukrainian PM derides failed gas talks as plan to 'destroy Ukraine'

Ukrainian PM derides failed gas talks as plan to 'destroy Ukraine'
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In Ukraine, news that Gazprom has halted gas supplies to the country has been met with sharp condemnation. Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk bristled that this a Russian plan to destroy Ukraine.

Though economically on its knees, gas reserves mean some analysts don’t think the taps being turned off will have an immediate impact.

Euronews spoke to political expert Euheniy Mahda, about this latest disagreement:

“This gas war will be different from previous ones. It has started in summer, when both Ukraine and the EU don’t depend as much on Russian gas. They have time to solve this problem”.

Both countries have form in failing to agree terms for the sale and transport of gas. In 2009 a similar spat saw Europe face winter fuel shortages as Kyiv and Moscow bartered over a new deal.

But this time the spectre of recent political turmoil hangs over negotiations, as both sides lodge legal cases.

Maria Korenyuk, reports for euronews on the latest crisis, noting:

“In response to Russia’s decision Ukraine filed a counterclaim at a Stockholm Arbitration Court. Kyiv wants to charge Gazprom with $6 billion. That, according to Ukraine’s Naftogaz, is the amount Ukraine has overpaid for natural gas since 2010.”