Turkey faces security threat from Iraq insurgents

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Turkey faces security threat from Iraq insurgents

Turkey faces security threat from Iraq insurgents
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The deepening conflict in Iraq poses a major security threat to neighbouring Turkey.

euronews correspondent Bora Bayraktar asked political analyst Professor Doctor Mensur Akgün if he expected a military operation soon.

Prof. Dr. Akgün replied: “I don’t think that Turkey will launch unilateral military action in Iraq. But if there is any international intervention, Turkey would be part of the coalition.

“Turkey’s policy is to keep these threats away from its borders. To accomplish this Turkey may co-operate with the Kurdish authority in Iraq or the regime in Iraq or even the United States in their endeavours.

“I believe that Turkey can play more of a political role. That could be developing an initiative for Iraq and Syria like the Iraqi neighbouring countries initiative that Turkey was previously involved with.”

Turkey’s immediate priority is to negotiate the release of eighty hostages taken from Mosul just one hundred kilometers over the Iraq border.

Prof. Dr. Akgün continued: “There is a big threat arising from the region that’s beyond the hostage taking incident in Mousul that must be taken seriously.

“The threat is from is a group of extremist with no respect for international laws spreading through Iraq and controlling it. They are moving very fast. Off course that is because of the power vacuum within the country. The Iraqi Prime Minister himself is a question.”

Turkey has warned its nationals to get out of Iraq. Turkish Airlines is scheduling extra flights to help them do so.