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European Inventor Award 2014 live ceremony

European Inventor Award 2014 live ceremony
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On June 17th 2014, euronews broadcast the European Inventor Award ceremony and you can now watch the complete event above.
As one of the most prestigious competitions of its kind, the European Inventor Award pays tribute to the creativity of inventors the world over, who use their technical, scientific and intellectual skills to make a real contribution to technological progress and economic growth and so improve people’s daily lives.

Fifteen pioneering inventors and/or teams were named as finalists for the European Inventor Award 2014. The prize, regarded as Europe’s “Oscars of Technology and Innovation”, was presented by the European Patent Office (EPO) at a gala ceremony in Berlin on 17th June 2014. Scientists, engineers and inventors in five categories, whose inventions have made a major contribution towards social, technological and economic progress, were honoured. The five categories were Industry, Research, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), Non-European Countries, and Lifetime Achievement.

The list of the finalists for each of the five categories was:


  • Erik Dahlman, Muhammad Kazmi, Robert Baldemair, Stefan Parkvall and team
  • Luigi Cassar and team
  • Koen Andries (Belgium), Jérôme Guillemont (France) and team

Small and medium-sized enterprises:

  • Terese Alstin, Anna Haupt
  • Peter Holme Jensen, Claus Hélix-Nielsen, Danielle Keller
  • Carles Puente Baliarda, Carmen Borja, Juame Anguera, Jordi Soler, Edouard Rozan


  • Christofer Toumazou
  • Thomas Tuschl
  • Philippe Cinquin, Serge Cosnier, Chantal Gondran, Fabien Giroud

Non-European countries:

  • Masahiro Hara, Takayuki Nagaya, Motoaki Watabe, Tadao Nojiri, Yuji Uchiyama, Cary L. Queen, Harold E. Selick
  • Charles W. Hull

Lifetime achievement:

  • Ingeborg Hochmair, Erwin Hochmair
  • Artur Fischer
  • Wieslaw L. Nowinski
“The work of these outstanding inventors is not only proof of Europe’s own capacity as a leading innovator in trailblazing technologies,” said EPO President Benoît Battistelli. “It also shows that Europe is a general hub of innovation, offering an attractive environment for inventors from across the globe to bring their efforts to fruition and, at the same time, for the flourishing of its own home-grown inventions. This is decisive for fostering and maintaining a spirit of innovation from which society as a whole, in every economic region, stands to benefit.”