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Video games craze descends on City of Angels

Video games craze descends on City of Angels
By Euronews
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Every year, the biggest names in video games descend upon Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo – or E3 – the industry’s largest event of its kind.

The city of Angels’ convention centre turns into a true battlefield between the console giants, who unleash a torrential downpour of new games, hardware and experiences to keep fans' mouths watering.

This year, the next best thing in terms of user experience, is virtual reality (VR). Recent Facebook acquisition Oculus was there alongside its main competitor, Project Morpheus.

“You put on a headset and you’re immersed in a 3D world, and it looks really, really awesome compared to old school where it was really blocky. This one I am expecting it to be really immersed in that world and very good graphics, awesome graphics,” said gamer Michael Hall.

The event’s major battle was between Microsoft and Sony, introducing respectively the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Demos included driving sequel Forza Horizon 2, with the largest roster of drivable cars ever. There was also the much anticipated, futuristic series ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’, with its amazing graphics but little change when it comes to actual game play. And the biggest news was for Halo fans. Xbox One has a Master Chief collection scheduled for release in November.

Sony is also exploring a lot of gaming possibilities and is betting on the new Bungie blockbuster and sci-fi shooter Destiny. The game is online for beta testing as is EA’s Battlefield which takes players into the “war on crime” in Los Angeles and Miami.

And finally, Sony unveiled its PlayStation TV, that allows players to stream their games to any TV in their house and ties into the company’s cloud-based game streaming service, PlayStation Now.