Psy and Snoop Dogg team up for 'Hangover'

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Psy and Snoop Dogg team up for 'Hangover'

Psy and Snoop Dogg team up for 'Hangover'
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It’s probably one of the oddest collaborations known to pop music – but when big bucks are at stake, it seems anything will go.

South Korean K-pop artist Psy has teamed up with the king of hip hop Snoop Dogg for a new venture entitled ‘Hangover’.

But the South Korean star says he knows he will always be defined by his 2012 global hit. “When I’m releasing a next song or next step or whatever, people always comparing my new thing with ‘Gangnam Style,’ which is unbeatable,” says Psy.

The bizarre, colour-saturated video featuring the now-iconic invisible horse dance recently exceeded two billion views on YouTube.

“I cannot beat the song forever, and I’m not going to beat the song forever. In that way I don’t like the song,” Psy added.

‘Hangover’, which has already gone viral on the internet, features the two singers getting drunk and then trying various Korean hangover cures.

Psy says he believes Snoop Dogg was the perfect partner for this video: “As soon as I got that hook I thought about, you know, I could only think about one person: Snoop Dogg. We all know he is hanging over (sic) every day. So, you know, I called him right away and I said ‘Can you feature on my song? It’s going to be a real honour’. And he asked me, ‘What is the title of the song?’ and I said ‘It’s ‘Hangover’‘ and he said ‘I’m doing it.’ He really liked the title of the song. So that’s how we met.”

While Time magazine has dubbed it "art", reviews have not all been that positive, with another critic calling it "a terrible disaster".

Psy says he plans to return to his Electronic Dance Music roots with his next EP, due out later this year.

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