Hooligan comedy kicks off in UK

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Hooligan comedy kicks off in UK

Hooligan comedy kicks off in UK
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As the World Cup kicks off in Brazil, what better time to launch a new comedy about hooligans made in the UK.

‘The Hooligan Factory’ is the story of Danny, who wants to become as tough as his estranged father, Danny senior. When he meets ex convict Dex, the two of them set out on a mission to bring back the good old days of hooliganism.

Trying to write a comedy about a serious subject is a funny old game says actor, writer and film director Nick Nevern, who also stars in the movie: “We don’t just write the first joke that comes out of our mind and put it on paper, and go ‘Here you go Jason (Maza, the film’s producer), go find the money to make that’, he explained.

“We really work at a joke, and we really structure a joke, like really. So when it comes down to shooting it, the jokes are on the page. So I, as the director, I try to keep the actors as much on script as possible. Saying that, there are a few times when people have just naturally funny bones like Steven O’Donnell. They would come up with an improvised line, and it’s so gold that in the edit you just have to keep it,” he added.

Jason Maza has the dual role of playing the lead role in the movie and producing it.

He says it is gratifying to be involved in a film from start to finish: “Let’s not get too serious about it, but as actors, obviously you’re involved in terms of your character. But producing and directing it means you’re a part of the whole process and again you can’t really… that experience is a little bit special, you can’t do that as an actor. We’ve literally seen it from the writing stage all the way to now.”

Both Nevern and Maza have multiple roles in the film, which also includes several cameos including reformed hooligan Cass Pennant and English TV personality, glamour model Chloe Linda Sims.

The film has opened to mixed reviews with some critics saying it struggles to find its identity while others have called it "hilarious".

‘The Hooligan Factory’ is out now in the UK.

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