X Factor revelation Ella Henderson launches debut single

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X Factor revelation Ella Henderson launches debut single

X Factor revelation Ella Henderson launches debut single
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She’s tipped to become one of The X Factor's biggest exports despite only finishing sixth in the talent show back in 2012.

Now British teen sensation Ella Henderson is launching her single ‘Ghost’ as she puts the finishing touches to her debut album.

The young singer-songwriter tells of life after The X Factor: “My process has literally been to come away from it, figure out what I wanted my sound to be, what do I want to look like, what do I want to be as an artist, what kind of music am I into, because I’ve grown up listening to so many different styles of music.

“My mum would listen to Motown, my dad would listen to 1980s, I used to listen to reggae music. I’ve been surrounded by so many different things and amazing things but I had to figure out, OK, what’s my niche, because I don’t want to copy anybody else, I want to create my own sound and do something different,” she said.

Henderson, who began writing her own songs when she was just 12, sprung to fame on the TV talent show at the age of 16. At the time, many labelled her ‘the next Adele’.

Now a young adult, she feels more mature and confident.

“I had to grow into being a young woman. I have to experience things to be able to write, because I write on everything, I write all my songs, so I had to be able to experience certain situations, draw from different emotions to be able to write this album, so yeah, I think now at the age of 18 I feel more like a young woman and I’m prepared for whatever outcome,” says Henderson.

Co-written by pop songwriter extraordinaire Ryan Tedder, 'Ghost' reached number one on the iTunes download chart within an hour of its release.

Ella Henderson’s debut album ‘Chapter One’ is scheduled for release in September.

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