Sunken South Korean ferry crew go on trial

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Sunken South Korean ferry crew go on trial

Sunken South Korean ferry crew go on trial
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The trial of fifteen crew members of the sunken South Korean ferry, Sewol, is underway.

Amid scenes of anger and frustration Captain Lee Joon-seok and three others are accused of “homicide through wilful negligence.”

The 11 other crew members are facing lesser charges of criminal negligence and violations of maritime law.

The number of dead in the sinking has now reached 292 with 12 still missing.

The trial will highlight Captain Lee’s escape as hundreds remained trapped as the ferry lurched and then capsized.

If convicted Lee and the three others could face the death penalty, but it is unlikely the sentence would be carried out.

Most of the victims of the disaster were students.

Korean authorities have launched a manhunt for businessman Loo Byung-Eun, the fugitive owner of the marine company that operated the ferry.

Prosecutors believe the ship sank from overloading and or changes to the internal structure of the vessel.