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Ukraine military launches offensive in Luhansk

Ukraine military launches offensive in Luhansk
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Kyiv has launched an offensive against the separatists who led an attack on a border guards camp outside the city in the east of Ukraine.

Reports indicate the fighting has eased after 17 hours of exchanges in which at least five rebels have been killed and eight wounded.

It’s estimated hundreds of separatists were involved in the assault with a range of heavy arms. They took over the upper floors of an apartment block overlooking the military compound making it difficult for the border guards to return fire.

It’s understood seven troops were injured in the camp. Kyiv sent a military aircraft to the area as back up.

The cause of an explosion which ripped through an administrative building in the centre of Luhansk has led to bitter recriminations. An official said seven people were killed.

Pro-Russian groups claim it was the result of an air attack. Kyiv denies the military was involved and suggested separatists mishandled a portable anti-aircraft missile which exploded into the side of the building.