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Pro-Russian activists vow to fight on to break from Kyiv

Pro-Russian activists vow to fight on to break from Kyiv
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As Ukraine’s “anti terrorist“operation continues,
the leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic has addressed a crowd of around 2,000 activists, vowing to continue the fight for a break from Kyiv.

Denis Pushilin said: “We have the entire southeast [of Ukraine] ahead of us…I’m sure we will advance further.”

The crowd sang along to a popular Soviet-era song and chanted “Donbass, Russia,” refering to the region where the separatist movement has taken hold.

Ukraine’s government has promised to push ahead with a military offensive against the rebels, despite a deadly attack on a Ukrainian army helicopter, and amid increasing reports that fighters from Russia have been involved in the rebellion in the east.

Earlier, Ukrainian military planes shot flares into the sky above Donetsk near the airport where militant separatists seized a terminal after the country’s election.