Ukraine hopes to boost military with bond drive

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Ukraine hopes to boost military with bond drive

Ukraine hopes to boost military with bond drive
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For some Ukrainians the effort to regain control of its troubled East is beginning in a Kyiv bank.

The government is now issuing army bonds valued at around 62 euros a piece.

More a patriotic stamp than potential military bankroll, officials hope over 6 million euros will be raised.

To fuel the drive Ukraine’s acting President bought his share on their official launch, some national icons also in attendance outlined to euronews why they were buying into the scheme:

Yulia Dzhima,
Olympic champion, biathlete:

“I think every Ukrainian soldier is in need of something. When you’re not at home, in such severe conditions.…
I want them to have goods and medicine at least.”

Serhiy Rebrov, coach, Dynamo Kyiv FC:

“It’s very important that they can feel our support – not only moral, but financial too. I want them to know – people support them and hope there will be peace in our country.”

In reality it will take far more to boost Ukraine’s indebted economy. Funding fighting to the east is just one of many battles. Closer to home they most also secure a deal for Russian gas.