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Scottish independence campaign begins

Scottish independence campaign begins
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Scotland’s independence campaign has officially begun.

Polls predict supporters of the Yes camp will be narrowly defeated in the vote that is due to take place on September 18.

But people pushing for a breakaway from England believe they can turn the tide.

Blair Jenkins is chief executive of Yes Scotland:
“At this stage we are really happy with the way the campaign is going. I think all of the energy, all of the ideas are on the “YES” side. I think wherever people are right now in their views on the referendum the one thing that I think almost everyone does agree on is that all the positive ideas, all the positive campaigning is coming from the “YES” side.”

Those in favour of maintaining the status quo say the cost of the country going out on its would leave Scotland with crippling debts.

Blair McDougall, campaign director of Better Together said: “I think we’ll win well because that people prefer a mixture of the distinctiveness, Scottish parliament, more powers and being part of something bigger. I think we are the only people offering Scotland the best of both worlds.”

With Britain’s government and opposition both in favour of maintaining the union, Scottish nationalists say there’s never been a better time to show far-off leaders in London what they claim has been centuries of mismanagement.

Scotland has had a devolved parliament since 1999 and the government in London has floated the prospect of more autonomy should Scots vote against independence.