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Nuits Sonores spreads its electronic beats around Lyon

Nuits Sonores spreads its electronic beats around Lyon
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The opening night honours of this year’s ‘Nuits Sonores’ music festival in Lyon, France, went to Glasgow with Douglas Hart, founding member of The Jesus and Mary Chain, DJing.

The evening was given a gentle start, with more sitting and standing about than raving, but Lyon’s mayor Gérard Collomb, a fan of the festival, felt ready for the dance floor as he pointed out the event’s economic benefits to the city.

“The mayor will dance tonight,” Collomb said. “See all the young people who’ve come here, and everybody gets to discover venues around the city.”

Hart played with the brothers Jim and William Reid in The Jesus and Mary Chain from 1984 to 1991. Today he has his own video company and has directed over 80 music videos, including for artists like The Horrors, Pet Shop Boys and Peter Doherty.

“Well I was 12 years old when I discovered punk-rock and it changed my life so… But I also make films and have a film showing here, but it’s nice to come to Lyon to DJ you know, I really enjoyed it. It’s a really good atmosphere in this place, quite unique,” Hart told euronews.

Fellow Scot Martyn Flyn is a DJ as well as co-founder and artistic director of record label LuckyM. The 34-year-old and his partner Dominic Flannigan have been responsible for some of the biggest records to come out of Scotland over the last decade.

LuckyMe is also an arts collective delivering art direction, photography and full-scale events

“I grew up being in bands, DJing and playing hip-hop and also playing weird raves in the countryside. I am from the countryside, I am from the middle of nowhere in Scotland. So if you want people to invest in a physical record nowadays, you have to make sure that its package is beautiful, with photography and stuff like that, and you find a lot of musicians are into and stimulated by a lot of visual art as well,” explained Flyn.

After the opening it was time to discover the line up for the festival’s night programme. One German-Swedish co-performance lost no time in getting the crowd moving after they introduced themselves.

“Hello, I am Axel Boman and I like all kind of stupid music.”

“My name is Roman Flügel and I play many lots of electronic music techno and house, all kinds of stuff.”

Axel Boman made himself a name in the small but very friendly Stockholm club scene. Today, he is acknowledged as one of Europe’s most skillful emerging DJs.

Based in Frankfurt, Roman Flügel is one of the biggest names on the German electronic music scene. The DJ and music producer has been active since the early 1990s, Flugel is a chameleon visiting many styles from ambient/idm to house, techno and electro.

“The club scene has existed a very long time, certainly for techno and house music. It started already in the 80s and was very ahead of its time. The scene there is still very active today. Of course Berlin is the centre and everybody is focusing on the city. I myself like to be there and perform there but Frankfurt is not as bad as its reputation,” said Flügel.

French techno-house icon Laurent Garnier was one of the festival highpoints. He was playing a Back to Back with the 29-year-old German Danilo Plessow – aka MCDE – who was born and raised in the Stuttgart area and is now based in Holland. The pair had a premiere at the festival.

“I play music which makes me and other people dance – I have no frontiers at all,” said Garnier.

“My music’s largest influence is techno. My background is a lot of Afro-American recordings from disco and soul,” added Plessow.

“This is the first time we’ve met. We’ve recorded together, we’ve Skyped, but [not] face to face. The first time was just a few hours ago. For the moment everything’s fine, he’s my friend,” enthused Garnier.

“The Nuit Sonores are one of the top electronic music festivals in Europe and on the international agenda. Four days and nights of rich pickings when you can dance until dawn,” concluded euronews’ party-hard producer Wolfgang Spindler.