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Subsiding waters reveal scale of devastation from Balkans flooding

Subsiding waters reveal scale of devastation from Balkans flooding
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Millions of people across the Balkans are now having to deal with the aftermath of the worst flooding to hit the country in more than a century.

In Serbia lone the heavy rains claimed the lives of over 50 people. But even though waters have now subsided people’s troubles have not.

One man spoke of his despair at the state of his local village:

“There is no life here anymore, but we have to carry on, I don’t know where to go.”

Crippled local infrastructure has only hampered efforts to clean up and rebuild. Many transport links and energy supplies have fallen victim to the torrential rain and landslides that have gripped the region since mid-May.

But some are trying to find moments of solace, in Bosnia near Zenica a wedding brought locals together, whilst also highlighting their uncertain future ahead.

Madzica Mujic, the bride to be, pointed out some of the difficulties awaiting the newlyweds:

“For now we will stay for a while at his aunts apartment, after that I really don’t know. he no longer has a house and neither do I, we don’t know what will happen next”

Across the Balkans over 2 million people have been affected by the flooding. With governments still struggling to access the full extent of damage no official price has been put on the task of rebuilding, but initial estimates expect it be in the billions of euros.