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Cruise-Blunt duo embark on marathon promo for new movie

Cruise-Blunt duo embark on marathon promo for new movie
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Three premieres, three cities, in one day – Tom Cruise and co-star Emily Blunt have taken drastic action to promote their latest movie, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’.

Starting with a London screening in the early hours of Wednesday, the pair travelled on to Paris for a lunchtime premiere before concluding with a New York red carpet event in the evening.

Despite the early start and pouring rain, die-hard fans were out in force for the London premiere.

Cruise and Blunt braved the poor weather in good spirits for the first round of a long day.

“I enjoy this moment of an audience finally getting to see it. When you think about it, you work on it, you talk about it, I make my movies for the audiences and I’m looking forward to them seeing it now. We’re going to have some fun today,” said Cruise in London.

A mix between science-fiction, a war movie and a love story, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ stars Cruise as military officer Major Cage forced to fight alien invaders on Earth.

Blunt is the poster girl for the Army, a highly-trained warrior and the only person who can help Cage when he starts living the same day over and over again, never reaching the tomorrow of the title.

The second leg of the promotion tour was in the French capital, where the two actors just about had time to change outfits before facing fans and media, again.

Asked about his role in the film, Cruise said: “Cage is a very unique character, he is an anti-hero. He’s someone at the beginning of the film that is openly terrified, he’s a coward which is so much fun to play.”

Emily Blunt said she really enjoyed her character in the movie: “It’s so rare to have such an empowered female character like this. Usually it’s the girlfriend role and, in this case, she is the one kicking butt, she’s the one training him.”

The marathon promotional stunt ended in New York.

Considering it started 20 hours earlier, the actors looked surprisingly fresh, with Cruise spending close to an hour talking to fans and posing for photographs.

“Three cities in one day. It’s in the theme of the film, and it’s fun, it’s entertainment, it should be that way,” he enthused.

And Blunt, who initially had reservations about the three cities in one day idea, was also upbeat: “I thought ‘Oh, this is definitely Tom’s idea.’ That’s what I thought. But it’s fun, it’s been actually a pretty cool ride.”

‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is currently on worldwide release.