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'Love Hotels' target World Cup tourists

'Love Hotels' target World Cup tourists
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If you’re striking out in booking a hotel in Brazil for the World Cup that starts next month there is an alternative.

A ‘love motel’.

Dozens of ‘Love motels’ have been given a face-lift ahead of the World Cup, in order to cater to the demand of tourists from all over the world searching for a place to stay.

Owner of the Shalimar Motel in Rio, Antonio Cerqueira said: ‘‘Brazilian men have two passions, women and football, so this year we have a conflict, a stand off between our passion for females and for football.

“We are living in a modern world, the twentieth first century, there is no point in prejudice, hypocrisy, dismissing somewhere saying it is just for sex. No, people will have sex wherever, in hotels for tourists, in hotels on the motorway, in hotels downtown, wherever. The reality is that we sell accommodation, and that is all that matters.

In an effort to attract a wider clientele, certain features such as round beds, bright colours, ceiling mirrors and fur trimmings have been replaced with a more conventional white-wash style.

However options to pay by the night or by the hour remain in place for those with not just football on their mind.