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Donetsk miners call on Ukranian 'occupiers' to leave region

Donetsk miners call on Ukranian 'occupiers' to leave region
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In Donetsk on Wednesday, hundreds of miners marched through the city demanding Ukrainian forces withdraw from the region.

Around 1,000 protesters from Ukraine’s largest mining union rallied in support of pro-Russian separatists fighting for the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’.

Many expect government troops to try to storm the city at any time.

‘‘This protest is against the so-called anti-terrorist operation. In fact, its an anti-people operation which kills people. Civilians are suffering. There are no separatists here, only the people of Donbass,’‘ said one protesting miner.

“I’m afraid of everything that’s happening. I have survived one war already. That was enough for me,” said one elderly woman.

Reporting from Donetsk, euronews’ Sergio Cantone noted the heightened tension: ‘‘At a barricade where we could stand a few days ago we are no longer able to film. The separatists now point their Kalashnikovs to intimidate the cameramen and photo journalists. This city is in a state of siege. The separatists in favour of a Republic of Donetsk are especially nervous.’‘