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Egypt goes to the polls to elect a new president

Egypt goes to the polls to elect a new president
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The polls have opened in Egypt’s second presidential election in as many years, with army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi expected to be swept into office.

His campaign has centred around developing agriculture, housing, education and employment.

Just one challenger is facing him in the vote; left-wing politician Hamdeen Sabahi, a candidate offering a civilian alternative to the presidency.

A huge security operation has been launched, with over 400,000 members of the security forces observing the vote as well as monitors from the European Union and the US-funded Democracy International.

Years of political upheaval led to the ousting of former President Mohammed Mursi last July.

Widely regarded as Egypt’s de facto leader, Sisi was instrumental in deposing the Muslim Brotherhood politician.

Interim authorities have since arrested thousands of alleged sympathisers of the Muslim Brotherhood movement.