Poroshenko: from 'king of chocolate' to Ukrainian president?

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Poroshenko: from 'king of chocolate' to Ukrainian president?

Poroshenko: from 'king of chocolate' to Ukrainian president?
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Petro Poroshenko came to the forefront of Ukrainian politics during the country’s ill fated “Orange Revolution” of 2004.

Poroshenko became one of the main men behind the new President Viktor Yushenko.

The 48-year-old’s financial muscle and media backing of Yushenko secured a top post for himself in the new administration.

From then on things took a turn for the worse and in-fighting with the “heroine of the Orange Maidan” Yulia Tymoshenko fractured the government and led to the end of Yushenko.

He believes he has learned his lesson, saying recently:

“This time there’s hope that we would be able to avoid dirty political tricks and bickering. At the time when Ukraine is threatened from the outside, the politicians cannot afford any in-fighting. It would be very irresponsible and would harm the state.”

Deals and alliances are already being formed, however.

Former World Boxing Champion Vitaliy Klychko looked set to run for president as favourite just a few months ago, but stood down in order to allow Poroshenko to run in his stead. In return Klychko gets Poroshenko’s backing to become mayor of Kyiv.

Petro Poroshenko is a billionaire with business interests in chocolate, cars and television.

There are fears in the country that the “chocolate king of Ukraine” will simply use his position as head of state to enhance his own business empire. This he denies and is campaigning to stamp out corruption in a land where money is power.

Victory would be the icing on the confectionary king’s cake.