Europe votes: Hungary and Italy

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Europe votes: Hungary and Italy

Europe votes: Hungary and Italy
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As part of our quick tour around Europe, euronews met some of the voters in Hungary. They told our correspondent Beatrix Asboth why it’s important for them to vote.

One resident said: “I came to vote because I want to show my opinion, I want to influence my country’s future and now I have the opportunity to do that.”

Another said: “My entire family came to vote, I can not be the one who doesn’t.”

Euronews correspondent Beatrix Asboth said: “Six weeks ago Hungary held parliamentary elections. More than 61 percent of eligible voters cast their ballot. Analysts think today’s turnout today won’t come even close to that. But many people want to know how many votes the eurosceptic far-right get.”

Next stop on out quick tour around Europe is Italy.

One resident said: “I don’t think that European elections are less important [then the other ones]. I think that they are really relevant, especially in a moment like the one we’re living”.

When asked to clarify, she added: “Because there is a lot anti European sentiment and because there are a lot of anti euro spin. And I don’t think it’s fair.”

Another local said: “We’ve talked a little [about European elections], no one has discussed them. But I believe that we’re still in Europe, we have a common currency and every year we pay taxes…so maybe it’s better to care about Europe”.

Euronews correspondent Simona Volta said: “Because it’s a duty but also because it’s a right. The main reasons Italians we spoke to outside a poling station in Rome gave for choosing to vote in the European parliamentary elections.”

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