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Ukrainians hope election can prompt change

Ukrainians hope election can prompt change
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On the eve of its presidential election many citizens in Ukraine are unsure what the future holds. The country’s new leader and government face a host of serious problems, not least keeping Ukraine’s current borders intact.

Euronews visited a school some 50 kilometres outside Kyiv to speak to geography teacher Olga Zorenko, to discuss her hopes for Ukraine after Sunday’s poll.

‘‘Of course we think and talk about the future. I’d say teachers are realistic and ready to make certain sacrifices, at least initially. We understand there’s a chance of a better future. If we lose it, we’ll never have this chance again,’‘ she said.

While internal security might be seen as the most pressing problem, activists in the capital have also drawn up their own programme of priorities for Ukraine’s new president.

Natalya Sokolenko from the Reanimation Reform Package said: ‘‘The main issues for the new government are tackling corruption, decentralisation, and judicial and tax reform. Those are the headaches, so to speak. In fact, it was these problems which brought people onto the streets, both in Maiden Square in Kyiv and the east of Ukraine. The people are fed up with corruption in the courts and insecurity on the streets which the police seem incapable of dealing with.’‘

Come Sunday, many in Ukraine will also surely be hoping for the country’s new leader to not only start a process of reform but also healing.