Retro-soul wonder Bernhoft launches new album

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Retro-soul wonder Bernhoft launches new album

Retro-soul wonder Bernhoft launches new album
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Norwegian one-man-band wonder Bernhoft is launching his third album ‘Islander’.

Since releasing his debut album in 2008, the multi-instrumentalist has wowed crowds around the world making a name for himself as a must-see live performer.

Describing himself as still basking in a 60s and 70s soundscape, Bernhoft says he took a decidedly old-school approach to the recording of his new album, under the major influence of his all-time guru:

“Stevie Wonder will never leave my system,” he says.

“He’s just in there, immersed in it. When I grew up I kind of listened to the artists that were influenced by Stevie Wonder and the ones before him, but Stevie Wonder’s such a… you know, a harbour, isn’t he? Almost like a server for everything that goes around in soul music, I guess.”

The multi-talented artist now performs to sold-out venues.

In contrast to most musicians, Bernhoft has his own label and encourages others to do the same. He says many artists might never get to release a second album, especially if a debut release flops.

“It’s very good in the sense that you can set your agenda and your pace yourself. If people don’t want to play then, okay, you do your thing and go to someone else. If you’re signed to Universal then it can be a marvellous thing if it goes well, but if it goes slightly less than well, “Bye-bye.” So, I don’t have to deal with that,” he says.

Bernhoft is currently on tour around Europe and the United States to promote his new album ‘Islander’.

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