Ukraine: Tourism helping to ease the crisis

Ukraine: Tourism helping to ease the crisis
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The residence of Ukraine’s former President Viktor Yanukovych is now being used for an entirely different purpose.

Money paid by tourists visiting the house on the outskirts of Kyiv is helping to pay for the upkeep of another building in the grounds.

There, displaced newcomers from the south and east of Ukraine are being housed.

Euronews spoke to Olga, from Slovyansk.

“We do have a lot of friends and relatives throughout the Donetsk region, but it’s not safe there,” she said. “It was suggested that we try to move to Kyiv and we did. Partially because we can work there and earn something – we don’t want to live off other people.”

Denis Tarakhkotelyk is helping to run the Mezhyhirya shelter, until decisions are taken about the future of the complex.

“I think they can live here until the authorities make an official decision about this property,” he said. “Until then we’re ready to help people in any way”

Just three months ago, Yanukovych’s staff were occupying the space that now houses 32 people seeking shelter from the conflict.

Many of the residents are hoping the situation in the east of the country will stabilise after the May 25 general election.