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Boys wear skirts for school in France in pro-equality protest

Boys wear skirts for school in France in pro-equality protest
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Male students have turned up to school in Nantes, western France,wearing skirts in an anti-sexism move called “Lift the Skirt.”

The pro-equality initiative aimed to reduce sexism in French schools received the backing of the local education authority, and the majority of the boys:

“I thought wearing a skirt is no big deal and if it does some good…then great,” said one young man in fetching orange.

Outside one school the skirt wearing males were met by around 150 members of a right-wing anti-gay marriage group protesting against the move calling it “scandalous.”

“Lift the Skirt” organiser Arthur Moinet explained why they decided on the action.

“We noticed that in a lot of high schools in our region, there are lots of cases of sexism and discrimination, so we thought we should do something to change that, and so we came up with the idea.”

The girls are also on board:

“Sexism is not just about women who need to be defended. Sexism is a daily struggle also for men. Men can be the victims of sexism too,” said one female supporter.

Gender in education is a hot topic in France following the introduction of a equality curriculum earlier in the year.

French conservatives are outraged as they believe the move teaches tolerance of same sex-couples.