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Blondie hits the big 4-0

Blondie hits the big 4-0
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Chris Stein and Debbie Harry, the founder members of band Blondie, have been making music for forty years. Two of their biggest hits were Call Me and One Way or Another but Chris Stein says the style wasn’t deliberately punk, or anything else, come to that: “With most of our stuff there was never a master plan, it’s always just moving forward bit by bit. This is like that, you know? I think there is a DIY aspect to Blondie, that’s what people like. You know, we never had stylists or any of that kind of stuff. There really wasn’t a big musical plan it just – the songs just all sort of shaped themselves. I guess if there is a similar theme to them it’s because they were all done in the same time period.”

Now, after a break, Blondie is back with a new double album, Blondie 4(0) Ever. Debbie Harry says they collaborated with lots of other musicians on the album: “I think that the biggest thing for me about this collection is that there is so many people that have contributed. And, you know, that’s a little bit unusual for a Blondie album.”

Blondie 4(0) Ever is in shops now.

For more information visit the official Blondie website.