Milky Chance see their success soar

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Milky Chance see their success soar

Milky Chance see their success soar
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Fuelled by sheer enthusiasm and youthful optimism Milky Chance’s self-released first album, ‘Sadnecessary’, was an unexpected success.

The band’s first single ‘Stolen Dance’ has taken the European charts by storm and had reached gold status in their homeland Germany by December 2013.

“It’s basically electronic music with (a) singer songwriter,” said band member Philipp Dausch, adding: “Maybe singer-songwriter house. You could say that.”

While partner Clemens Rehbein described their musical style as: “Danceable, melancholy.”

Their follow-up single, ‘Down By The River’, has also proved to be a hit, with several hundred thousand YouTube views to date.

The boys, who started writing while still in high school, say they are grateful for all the attention.

But, despite the amount of interest shown online, they really realise how popular their music is when they perform live.

“Clicks don’t reach you emotionally,” explained Rehbein. “So it’s crazy when you see so many clicks. It’s more when you play concerts that are very big and you’ve got so many people in front of you, that’s more touching. It’s just clicks.”

The pair, who both studied at music school, cite the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bob Marley among their influences.

Dausch says Milky Chance hope to make it big in America someday, but before that they are playing a number of summer festival dates across Europe.

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