Echoes of the Sound of Music

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Echoes of the Sound of Music

Echoes of the Sound of Music
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Singing runs in your blood when your name is Von Trapp, the family immortalised in the iconic 1965 musical ‘The Sound of Music’, starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

Now, the great-grandchildren are taking up the family tradition.

Sofia, Melanie, Amanda, and August Von Trapp, who have been singing on stages around the world for more than a decade, are launching their sixth album, ‘Dream a Little Dream’, in collaboration with jazz band ‘Pink Martini’.

“It’s been an interesting journey because when we first started we sang a lot of ‘Sound of Music’ songs, kind of as the ‘Sound of Music’ kids in a way. This next journey, this album, is kind of the catalyst of us honoring our family history and the musical but also putting our own stamp on our legacy, which is really exciting for us,” says Sofia von Trapp.

The siblings say their parents can’t sing and it was not an obvious choice for them to opt for a musical career.

But they grew up with the tale of how their great-grandfather and his wife defied the Nazis and fled Austria with their children for a new life in the United States at the start of World War Two.

They say it was their grandfather who sparked their desire to perform.

“We just really loved singing in general – and our grandfather, who was portrayed as Kurt in ‘The Sound of Music,’ he would come to Montana, where we lived, and teach us little folk songs. He had a stroke about 13 years ago and just to make him feel better we recorded some of the songs that he’d taught us, so he could listen to them in the hospital. Then it just kind of took off from there,” says Sofia von Trapp.

‘Dream A little Dream’ by Pink Martini and the Von Trapps is out now.

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