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A helmet against depression

A helmet against depression
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An Israeli company has launched a new device it says could help people suffering from a number of neurological and psychiatric conditions including depression and Alzheimer’s according to its inventors.

The patented helmet sends pulses into the brain that stimulate neurons and improve functions in affected areas.

The method – known as transcranial magnetic stimulation – is described as a gentler, safer and more precise version of electroshock therapy by Brainsway Chief Technology officer Ronen Segal:

“We have an electromagnetic coil which is designed to target a specific area in the brain which is related to a specific disease. Today, using sophisticated imaging tools like functional MRI, PET scans and so on, we know to better tailor specific areas to the brain to specific diseases and specific functions to regulate their electrical activity,” says Segal.

The company says its technology is unique in its ability to penetrate deeper than any other non-invasive method available.

Its inventors say the electromagnetic waves produced are able to target areas of the brain that were previously unreachable.

“The result is remission and response rates which are higher than any treatment available today and we can give new hope and sometimes new life to these patients who have been suffering for years and years from these devastating conditions like clinical depression,” says Brainsway’s Ronen Segal.

After receiving approval by the US Federal Drug Administration last year to treat patients with major depression disorder, the company is conducting other trials to combat diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, addictions, stress, eating disorders and possibly even epilepsy.