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After second semi-final, Eurovision die is cast

After second semi-final, Eurovision die is cast
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After the second semi-final, we now know which 26 countries will go through to the Eurovision final and the excitement in Copenhagen is palpable.

Switzerland, Slovenia, Poland, Romania, Norway, Greece, Malta, Belarus, Finland, and Austria have all made it through to the final. Ireland, the most successful country in Eurovision history, having won seven times, failed to make the final cut.

The Eurovision Song Contest takes place this Saturday in Copenhagen. The running order for the final will be:

1. Ukraine 2. Belarus 3. Azerbaijan 4. Iceland 5. Norway 6. Romania 7. Armenia 8. Montenegro 9. Poland 10. Greece 11. Austria 12. Germany 13. Sweden 14. France 15. Russia 16. Italy 17. Slovenia 18. Finland 19. Spain 20. Switzerland 21. Hungary 22. Malta 23. Denmark 24. The Netherlands 25. San Marino 26. United Kingdom