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'Maleficent' is back with a vengeance

'Maleficent' is back with a vengeance
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‘Maleficent’ is a live action remake of the Disney cartoon feature, ‘Sleeping Beauty’. The name comes from the name of the wicked witch in the original film. Angelina Jolie plays the witch and Elle Fanning plays the Sleeping Beauty.

Jolie said the remake has been created with love: “We wanted to make sure we did justice to the original and paid respect to all that was done before. I know with Maleficent, I loved her when I was a child. I was scared of her but I loved her and I was fascinated by her and so I just didn’t want to do anything that would not be good enough for all the people that had responded to her over the years.”

Elle Fanning saw making the film as a childhood dream come true: “When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would say, ‘a Disney princess’. That’s always your dream, and for me to be able to say that I got to do that is so exciting. I wanted to make her the best version of her I could, I guess.”

Critics trying to double guess Disney note that the trailers are lush, dark and inviting… all fingers crossed that this is a good sign and not a bad spell.

Maleficent will be on screens at the end of May.

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