British man accuses X Men director of teenage sexual abuse

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British man accuses X Men director of teenage sexual abuse

British man accuses X Men director of teenage sexual abuse
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A British man is accusing “X-Men” director Bryan Singer of sexually abusing him as a teenager.

A lawsuit says Singer and entertainment executive Gary Goddard coerced the man into sex acts as a minor with the promise of help with an acting career.

The man was not identified in court papers.

The British victim’s solicitor, Jeff Harman, specialises in child sex abuse cases and has been successful in litigation against a former Catholic priest accused of raping boys.

He also represents Michael Egan who last month sued Singer and Goddard over allegations that they abused him as part of an underage Hollywood sex ring.

“When in about 2006, my client received a communication inviting him to come down to a special event. And they invite him to come down to what turns out to be the “Superman” premiere in London. My client arrives, 17 years old, he arrives at this premiere event, he’s told that he’s going to be riding with Bryan Singer. Bryan takes him and brings him onto the red carpet. Bryan takes him into an after party where he offers him a Quaalude, which my client at 17 does not accept, and they give him a drink. He drinks it, says he feels very intoxicated, he gets invited back to an after party, or the after-after party in Bryan Singer’s suite,” Herman said at a news conference.

“Under the pretense of showing him some “Superman” memorabilia, Bryan Singer and Gary Goddard take this 17-year-old boy into the bedroom, they begin to try to do sexual things to him, he resists, he says ‘no,’ he’s uncomfortable,” continued Herman.

“Gary Goddard leaves the room and comes back with a big muscle-bound man. And he physically manhandles my client, he pushes him around, he holds him while Bryan Singer starts to take off his clothes. After a little while, they tell this man, the big man, to leave and my client says ‘I want to leave, I’m uncomfortable,’ and then he’s told, Bryan says to him, ‘if you get on top of me and just do some sort of masturbatory thing, then you can leave.’ My client complies, which he does while Gary Goddard is in the room. We allege that my client is lying on top of Bryan Singer naked to perform this type of sexual activity,” Herman added.

Singer’s solicitor has called the allegations false and fabrications, and a bid to win money from the director behind other films in the “X-Men” superhero franchise.

A solicitor for Goddard also denied the allegations, calling them spurious.

Singer will not take part in promoting the latest “X Men” movie because of the lawsuits.