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French heist movie ' The Last Diamond' sparkles

French heist movie ' The Last Diamond' sparkles
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New French heist flick ‘The Last Diamond’ stars Bérénice Bejo, who shot to fame in ‘The Artist’, and Yvan Attal, best known for his role in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Munich’.

The film has a classic plot. The heist is planned, carried out and then it unravels. The diamond mentioned in the title is worth around 50 million euros.

Talking about the genre to our cultural correspondent Wolfgang Spindler, director Éric Barbier, said: “From the ’50s to the ’70s it was a very rich period for this type of movie. Lots of film directors used this type of story and based their scripts on this genre. So one of the pleasures of making this movie was to revisit this style, which had been a bit neglected lately in France.”

Bérénice Bejo won an Oscar nomination for her role in ‘The Artist’ and last year she won Best Actress at Cannes for her role in ‘The Past’. She is happy to admit that success has upped her fees and given her better roles so that she can work less.

Reflecting on that Eric Barbier said: “You know why she is expensive? It’s because she makes fewer films, so she’s rare, and of course, rare things are expensive. So now she’s an actress who can choose.”

Bérénice Bejo had her own take on that: “So I get offered more interesting projects and scripts than before.”

‘The Last Diamond’, being a French movie, has a nice romantic angle, which was a pleasure for the two stars.

Yvan Attal explained: “From the first day of filming right through to the last day things were completely easy and natural between Berenice and me. Of course our relationship changed as we got to know each other, with every scene in which we acted. But it was always very easy!”

Éric Barbier added: “The scenes were light-hearted, easy to shoot. It was a pleasure working on them. Yvan and Bérénice had fun with the script, playing with silences and subtext.”

Attal said he’s happy that what they tried was successful: “We did wonder how it would come across on screen, but I think it works really well.”

And Bérénice Bejo agreed: “It also works because the script is so good, and because the director had a vision about how to tell the story. Then what is important is how it works on screen and I think it does.”

With regard to the plot, Éric Barbier told euronews: “The interest thing with this type of movie is the turning point where the audience is taken by surprise. So you need false leads which turn out to be a trap and then suddenly there’s an unsuspected deeper layer to the plot.”

‘The Last Diamond’ will be on screens across Europe later this year.

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