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Smartphone-controlled box claimed to boost your car's power and economy

Smartphone-controlled box claimed to boost your car's power and economy
By Euronews
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Sitting comfortably under your vehicle’s bonnet, connected to the battery, is a simple-looking device that could become the next ‘must have’ item for car enthusiasts.

When plugged into a car battery, its designers claim the so-called Power Box can reduce fuel consumption and increase engine power by up to 20 percent. They call it "the world's first car power booster controlled by iPhone and Android".

“After plugging in the box, we fit it into the engine compartment. We can modify fuel pressure, injection time and the operating range of the turbine. These are the main factors required to increase the power of a car,” explained Marcin Szychowski, Managing Director of V-Tech, the creators of the Power Box.

Usually, a trip to an electronics expert is needed to overwrite the factory settings on your vehicle. But the device’s designers claim that with their invention motorists can personalise their engine control unit.

All they have to do, they say, is connect to the Power Box using Android or iPhone applications.

“For Android phones, you use Bluetooth to connect with the box, for iPhones, you use Wi-Fi. Each box has a personalised password. All you need to do is type in your password and it connects and locates the box,” said V-Tech’s Szychowski.

Retailing at 450 euros, the Power Box is not cheap. But its creators say it is adaptable to most car models and allows users to customise their engine to the requirements of each journey.

There is no mechanical interference with the engine, which means it does not affect the car warranty.

The designers say they are currently working on improving their device by adding anti-car theft software as well as a programme aimed at detecting mechanical defects.