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Rubik's cube still puzzling after 40 years

Rubik's cube still puzzling after 40 years
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Experts can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 10 seconds.

Since its international launch in 1980 about one in seven people have played with the famous puzzle.

Hungarian inventor Erno Rubik, who created the best-selling toy cube 40 years ago, said: “More than half of my life I spent together with the cube in some way or another.

“If I am thinking about my adult life, I can say most of my adult life I spent with the cube because I was only 30 (years old) when I created it. And right now, after 40 years I can say: ‘I know the cube, I know what happened around the cube’,” Rubik added.

To celebrate the anniversary an exhibit has on show the cube’s first prototypes made out of wood and rubber bands.

The ‘Beyond Rubik’s Cube’ exhibition in Jersey City, New Jersey in the USA shows visitors that the boundaries between science and art are not clearly defined.

It opens this weekend for seven months.