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Vinyl rocks on with super speedy Jack White single

Vinyl rocks on with super speedy Jack White single
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Jack White recorded and released his new single Lazaretto in just four hours. To do it, he collaborated with veteran sound engineer George Ingram.

The track was recorded live for a select audience in Nashville – mixed by Grammy-winning engineer Vance Powell- and then the pressing was made available hours later.

White explained why they chose Ingram for this unusual recording: “He’s our master cutter and he’s been doing it forever, for decades. And he had the idea of cutting the world’s fastest record. A couple of years ago we talked to him about it but never had the right moment where we could actually devote some energy to it. So we thought this was the right time. So yeah, this is one of those rare moments where we put out the limited edition and it’s an alternate version of the songs as well.”

Officially, old fashioned vinyl records were phased out decades ago, replaced by audio cassettes which were then replaced by CDs, which are now facing annihilation by downloads. But somehow, against all the odds, vinyl has not only survived, but in some niche areas, even thrived.

Jack White welcomes the return of real discs and the shops that sell them: “I think for a while there a few years ago, it was starting to become a joke in music that record stores didn’t exist anymore. [The US music chain] Tower Records closed. That was a big moment where we thought this is actually getting really bad. And the stores in the mall weren’t there anymore. People were having trouble even buying CDs at [US consumer electronics chain] Best Buy. But I think that the people who always have been real music lovers have always been there, didn’t go away. We didn’t stop liking music. We didn’t stop buying records.”

Among other dates, Jack White will be playing Glastonbury this summer.