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Ukraine: Unrest and tension in the east

Ukraine: Unrest and tension in the east
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In towns and cities in the east of Ukraine on Monday. activists gathered to discuss questions for the protesters’ proposed referendum of May 11.

According to local media pro-Russian activists in Luhansk have declared the town the joint regional headquarters.

“We are not supporting the current government which came to power forcefully and is dictating its rules now. According to the Ukrainian constitution, people elect governments which is why people are on the streets expressing their opinion,” said one, who claims to be the aide of the commandant in the city.

Separatists who have occupied buildings in several cities in the east have been visited by monitors from the OSCE to explain the Geneva accord to people inside.

In Slovyansk, the senior European mediator held talks with the self-proclaimed separatist mayor.

Mark Etherington told reporters the discussions lasted two hours and covered several topics which included a gunfight on Sunday in which at least three men were killed.

But he failed to give any details on how the separatist leader responded to a question if he would comply with the Geneva agreement.

In what has been proclaimed the “Donetsk People’s Republic” the city has also been declared the joint co-ordination centre for the protesters.