Maidan protesters in Kyiv remain distrustful of Geneva deal

Maidan protesters in Kyiv remain distrustful of Geneva deal
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In Kyiv’s Independence Square where the protests to oust President Yanukovych triggered the unrest in the east, reaction to the Geneva deal has been mixed.
Some viewed it optimistically others were unsure.

“There are normal people, but there are also armed bandits. So if everyone gives up their weapons and lets the police and army do their job, there will be order,” said one man.

“Its hard for us to evaluate those agreements,” said one woman. “We make promises, but what is promised in return? Will the provocations in the East stop? What will happen next?

The Maiden protesters as they are known in Independence Square are now far fewer than before but that some remain in the square reflects a distrust with politicians in general.

Our reporter Angelina Kariakina, who is in Kyiv said Maidan reaction to the Geneva agreement was sceptical:

“There’s practically no faith in the fact that separatist movements in eastern Ukraine will come to an end. Some people, however, do believe that trust between all sides could be restored, if concessions are made by all simultaneously.”

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