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Five more years for Bouteflika

Five more years for Bouteflika
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Algeria’s President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has been re-elected for his fourth consecutive term in office with over 81% of the vote.

The ailing president has made few public appearances since suffering a stroke last year, however he did cast his ballot in a wheelchair much to annoyance of his critics who have said he’s unfit to govern the country for another five years.

The leader’s main opponent in the campaign has been Ali Benflis with just over 12%. The former prime minister has described the vote as a fraud.

Bouteflika had been expected to win by a landslide with the backing of the ruling Front de Liberation Nationale party (FLN). He remains popular among many Algerians for his role in helping to end the country’s civil war during the 1990s.

Turnout among the 23 million Algerians eligible to vote was of almost 52% with calls by several opposition parties to boycott the poll.

Violence broke on polling day in several areas of the country between police and those opposed to the election , with dozens reported injured in the clashes.