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MEPs fret over Ukraine crisis

MEPs fret over Ukraine crisis
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MEPs have warned that the entire post-war international order is at stake in the current Ukraine crisis and urged tougher action.

For Elmar Brok, a senior German MEP, Moscow’s denials of interfering with the country’s internal affairs are unconvincing.

“We know that this troops in Ukraine are trained by Russians, one uniform, one type of shoes, they have the same weapons, all together they are drilled, they have clear commando structure,” said Brok.

Former Belgian prime minister, Guy Verhofstadt, says the EU must now slap tougher sanctions on Russia.

“We have to increase pressure on Russia, not to continue this. Because this is unacceptable after what happened in the Crimea, there should be now also parts of eastern Ukraine going to Russia,” he said.

Members of the European Parliament will vote on non-binding resolution that will urge such a response.

The vote is set to take place before the end of this plenary session.