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Fashion Week kicks off in Rio and Shanghai

Fashion Week kicks off in Rio and Shanghai
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Rio Fashion Week has kicked off in Brazil with luxury brand Osklen’s new beachwear collection.

Its 1960’s minimalist vibe had a slick, sporty finish. A recurrent palm leaf print adorned outfits in black and white, bright orange, pinks, blues and greens.

The brand’s founder says his inspiration is a combination of European and Brazilian influences:

“For me, it’s the capital of the beach wear. So I did chose to launch my beach wear collection here, and you know the DNA, the elements of style I bring for Osklen, who knows my style and understands that it’s European aesthetics with Brazilian culture, beach culture,” said Oskar Metsavaht.

For her collection, Patricia Viera displayed a sophisticated collection that included not only beach wear, but other essential items for a day at the beach.

Models with sexy bedhead hair appeared in sunflower yellow diamond patterns, baby blue and woven taupe. Viera added tie dye, sparkling holograms, jungle print, and laser-cut lace pieces.

Dresses, camisoles and jackets with strong colors and designs were the main ingredients for her collection.

From Brazil to China, where Shanghai Fashion Week opened in the trendy Xintiandi neighbourhood.

Local designer Zheng Shijing works for Aimer, the leading Chinese underwear brand.

“To be humble, we still can’t compare with the big international brands. But it won’t take long for us to catch up. Consumers are not as obsessed with big brands as a couple of years ago. They are starting to buy items because of their design, and not because of the fancy logo,” she said.

The brand is focused on fashionable swimwear to be worn when walking along the beach or dining in beach restaurants.

Classical swimwear in China is the one-piece bathing suit, but bikinis are gradually making inroads.

Chinese movie star Gong Li, on a promotion tour for her upcoming movie ‘Return’, attended the event as an ambassador for the brand.